Premium Bamboo Sword Kit – Knightly Sword


Premium sword kit with everything included.  Build memories and a fun toy sword that will last.

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All of our premium sword kits are handcrafted with love in the USA and designed to last.

At Idea7, we make kits that we want for our own families and then we only share the kits we love! This Knightly Sword kit is no exception and we hope you’ll enjoy using it to build memories with the special kids in your life. We sure have!

What to expect:
  • About an hour to complete the build
  • Moderate sanding with the included sandpaper (Genuine 3M pro-grade sandpaper – course, medium, and fine grits)
  • Simple gluing with the included glue (Genuine Titebond II is included – Titebond II is safe, cleans up with water, and quickly forms a strong water resistant bond…we love it.)
  • Kids going on grand imaginary adventures…
Frequently asked Questions:

Q: Can these swords be used for sparring/practice?

A: Yes, they hold up well against high impact, but that is not their intended purpose.  These swords are designed and intended for imaginative play.  Children should not use these swords to hit people, pets or fragile items as they can cause injury and/or smash things.  If you decide to use these for practice anyway, please use protective equipment, seek proper training, and provide appropriate supervision.


Q: Are the materials used in these swords safe for sanding?

A: Yes. The swords are cut from bamboo boards which are made by laminating strips of bamboo with an adhesive that conforms to modern safety standards.  Bamboo boards are considered safe for sanding and nontoxic although the dust can be a mild irritant for some (This is true with all woods, but bamboo is less of a problem than most.) For added safety and comfort, we include two dust masks in the kit.


Q: Is the glue safe?

A: Refer to the safety data provided by the manufacturer of Titebond II. We believe it is very safe and the best glue we know of for this application.  It is also FDA approved for indirect food contact (like in a cutting board).


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